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Islamic Glossary



Habal-ul-Habala - There were two forms of this trade called Habal-ul-Habala. The example of the first form is that to buy an offspring of an animal which itself is yet to be born by making the payment in advance. Second form is to sell an animal on condition to have the offspring of the sold animal. Both forms are prohibited.

Al-Hadath Al-Akbar - State of un cleanliness because of sexual discharge.

Al-Hadath Al-Asghar - State of un cleanliness because of urine, excrement, or passing wind.

Hadith - It has come to denote the record of what the Prophet (pbuh) said, did, or tacitly approved or disapproved.

Hady - A cow, sheep or a goat that is offered as a sacrifice by a pilgrim during the Hajj.

Hajj - Major Pilgrimage to Mecca.

Hajj-al-Ifrad - A pilgrim enters in the state of Ihram with the intention of performing Hajj.

Hajj-al-Qiran - A pilgrim enters in the state of Ihram with the intention of performing Hajj and Umrah together.

Hajj Mabrur - Hajj accepted by Allah for being perfectly according to the Prophet (pbuh), and with legally earned money.

Al-Hajj-al-Akbar - The day of Nahr.

Al-Hajj-al-Asghar - Umrah

Hajj-at-Tamattu - In it a pilgrim enters in the state of Ihram with the intention of performing Umrah and then after performing Tawaf and Sa'y. he comes out with his Ihram with the commencement of Hajj days, he enters in the state of Ihram again and performs Hajj.

Hajjat-ul-Wada - The last Hajj of the Prophet (pbuh) the year before he died.

Halal - Lawful as defined by Allah the Almighty.

Hanif - Pure Islamic Monotheism.

Haram - Has two meanings:

  •  Any act or deed which is prohibited by Allah and will incur His wrath and punishment.

  •  Sanctuary or boundary of any Masjid (mosque), but usually used with regard to the sanctuaries of the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca and Masjid al-Rasool in Medina.

Harbah - A short spear.

Harj - Killing.

Harrah - A well-known rocky place in Medina covered with black stone.

Al-Hasba - A place outside of Mecca where pilgrims go after finishing all the ceremonies of Hajj.

Hawalah - The transference of debt from one person to another. It is an agreement whereby a debtor is released from a debt by another becoming responsible for it.

Hawazin - A tribe of Quraish.

Haya - Has several meanings.

  •  modesty, self respect, bashfulness, honor

  •  be ashamed to commit a crime that has been forbidden

Hibah - Present someone with a gift for the sake of Allah.

Al-Hidanah - The nursing and caretaking of children.

Hijabb - Any kind of dress of Muslim women that covers the head to feet.

Al-Hijr - The unroofed portion of the Ka'bah which at present is in the form of a compound towards the north of the Ka'bah.

Hijrah - Signifies migration from a land where a Muslim is unable to live according to the his faith, to a land where it is possible to do so.

Hijri - Name of the Islamic lunar calendar.

Hilab - A scent.

Hima - A private pasture.

Himya - A kind of belt, part of which you can keep money in it.

Henna - A plant used for dying hair.

Hiqqah - A three year old she camel.

Hira - A well known cave in a mountain near Mecca.

Hubla - A kind of tree in the desert.

Huda - Chanting of the camel drivers.

Al Hudaibiyah - A well-known place about 16 kilometers from Mecca on the way to Jeddah. At this place a treaty was made in 6 H. between the Prophet (pbuh) and the Quraish who stopped him and his companions from performing Umrah.

Hudud - The boundaries of Halal and Haram.

Hujrah - Courtyard or room.

Hukm - Judgment, decision, Allah's knowledge and the power to see things.

Hur - Very fair females created by Allah as such not from the offspring of Adam (pbuh), with intense black irises of their eyes and intense white scleras.


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