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  Miracles found in the Quran

If you research back about fourteen hundred  years ago life was quit different. Science and medicine have made leaps and bounds discovering about the world we live in. How was it that the Quran, which was revealed between the years 610 and 632 could have possibly contained scientific facts that only now in the last couple hundred years are we able to prove. It is beyond reason that anyone could know these facts during that time. The Miracles in the Quran are no doubt words that can have only been revealed to us by our creator to the man who we call our last prophet,  Mohammad. "Salallahu 'alayhi wa sallam" On this page are examples of the facts that you can find in the reading of the Quran.

[96.016] the lying, sinful forelock! (front of the head)

The Quran refers to the transgressors, those who consider themselves self sufficient. Those who refused to let Muhammad (pbuh) pray in the Ka'bah. The Quran says that if they do not stop that they will snatch them by the lying, sinful front of the head. Today studies show that the prefrontal area of the head is the control center for motivation and the foresight to plan.
[055.033]O company of jinn and men, if you have power to penetrate beyond the zones of heavens and the earth, then penetrate (them)! But you will n ever be able to pass them, except with authority from Allah.

Here the ayah refers to traveling in outer space. Reminding us only of all matters are accomplished with the help our God.
[027.019]and Sulaiman (pbuh) smiled, amused at her speech and said: “My Lord, inspire me and bestow upon me the power and ability that I may be grateful for your favors, which you have bestowed upon me and my parents, and that I may do righteous good deeds that will please you, and admit me by your mercy among your righteous slaves.”

In this ayah Solomon was speaking to an ant. The ant was referred to as a female. Ants are almost all females. Male ants are actually only produced once in a while for breeding. Even the worker ants are females.
[023.014]then We made the a clot or a alaqah (leech), then We made the clot into a little lump of flesh or a mudghah (chewed like substance), then We made out of that little lump of flesh bones, then we clothed the bones with flesh, then we brought it fourth as another creation. So blessed is Allah the best of creators.

When you compare the stages of the embryo listed in the Quran and the actual photo's of the stages of the embryo that we have today the resemblances are fascinating.
[013.003]and He it is Who spread out the earth and placed therein firm hills and flowing streams, and of all fruits He placed therein two spouses (male and female) He who brings the night as a cover for the day. Verify these things are Ayat (proof) for people who reflect.

Studies of plants show that they have been created with both male and female reproductive organs.
[071.016]and hath made the moon a light therein, and made the sun a lamp?

We all know now with space exploration that the sun is our source of light and that the moon acts as a reflector for the sun
[057.025] we sent aforetime. Our messengers with Clear Signs and sent down with them the book and the balance between right at wrong, that men may stand forth in justice; and we sent down iron, in which is great might, as well as many benefits for mankind

The phrase "sent down" in this ayah tells us that iron came from the sky. Modern astronomy tells us that the iron found on this planet came down from the sky from stars in outer space. Even the iron core in the center of the Earth was not made on earth. It could not even have been formed in our solar system.
027.061]is not He (best) Who made the earth a fixed abode, and placed rivers in the folds thereof, and placed firm hills therein, and hath set a barrier between the two seas salt and fresh sweet water Is there any ilah with Allah. Nay but most of them no not.

Modern science has reveled that there is a marked density that divide’s the salt from the fresh water. The human eye cannot see. It has its own zone, where the salt mixture changes.
[024.045] Allah hath created every animal of water. Of them is (a kind) that goes upon its belly and (a kind) that goes upon two legs and (a kind) that that walk on four. Allah creates what he wills. Verily Allah is able to do all things.

We know that modern health and medicine has discovered that we are truly made up of more water then anything else in our body.

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