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Complete Life Style

A person who converts to Islam not only changes their belief in god, in most cases a complete life style change is required. Islam is the Arabic word meaning submission. As Muslims we submit ourselves completely to god. Allah alone in this life we must be certain to please. We are required to refrain from food and drink that are forbidden to us (Haram) and only to spend our money on items allowed us (Halal). On this page you will find some information about what is Halal and Haram. This is only a general list so please take caution. Research more before using anything that you feel may be harmful. May Allah be pleased with your efforts.

Eating in a Halal Manner

The Quran says [006.145]I find not in that which is revealed unto me aught prohibited to an eater that he eat thereof, except it be carrion, or blood poured forth, or swine flesh - for that verily is foul - or the abomination which was immolated to the name of other than Allah. But who so is compelled (thereto), neither craving nor transgressing, (for him) lo! Thy Lord is Forgiving, Merciful. Studies today show the harmful affects on the body with actual hormonal and behavior changes accruing after prolonged use of intoxicates, blood, and pork products. Here are some examples of Haram items.

  •  Carnivorous (meat eating) warm blooded land animals such as, tigers, vultures and eagles.
  •  Animal that has died due to natural causes, or that you find dead.
  •  Any animal that was killed while the name or names of false pagan gods were uttered. Only animals that were killed in a lawful manner are Halal for the Muslims. For more information there are web sites that contain the rites of slaughtering animals.
  •  Pork and any pork products (some types of gelatin, and lard) and even leather goods from the pig are forbidden to Muslims. Read the labels of the foods and other products that you buy.

The Quran also says that if you are not able to avoid these foods for fear of starvation, Allah is most forgiving and merciful.


Quran specifies all intoxicants are Haram. An intoxicant is, by definition, a substance eaten, swallowed or smoked with the sole intention of becoming intoxicated. All drugs are forbidden, with only the exception of a medicinal purpose. Medicines containing alcohol would be considered Halal if there were no suitable alternatives available. Some mouthwashes may contain alcohol, you should try a non-alcoholic alternative if one is available to you. Foods that are made with an alcoholic drink (usually wine or beer) is Haram, the food itself probably couldn't get you drunk, it's still an alcoholic ingredient. Always check the ingredients label! The Quran says [002.219]they question thee about strong drink and games of chance. Say: In both is great sin, and (some) utility for men; but the sin of them is greater than their usefulness. And they ask thee what they ought to spend. Say: that which is superfluous. Thus Allah made plain to you (His) revelations that haply ye may reflect.

Destroying Lives

Intoxicates and gambling not only destroy the body but they can destroy lives. How many people have been killed by drunk drivers? How many parent's have died of complicationís of the liver? How many mothers went to bars at night instead of reading bed time stories? How many fathers abused their wives or children after having a few to many? How many humans have died of lung cancer? How many children have been neglected while parents ran out to get a fix? How many daughters sell their body so they can get high? How many people sit in prison on drug related charges? How many people are thousands of dollars in dept, but still buy lottery tickets? How many people spend their entire paychecks in a few hours at the casino? How many people have been shot for money they owed? The real question is what if they were you?

Knowing the Dangers

For Generations now we have been allowing ourselves to be brainwashed by television, magazines, and news papers. Just look at our youth, knowing the dangers of cigarettes. They are still trying cigarettes, and are becoming addicted. We allow these companies to advertise and do nothing to stop this trend. They lead us to believe that everyone drinks, smokes and they are superior people because of it. Alcohol and smoking can reek havoc not only inside the human body, but the very appearance of a person can change, enhancing the aging process. The United States Congress even voted at one time for prohibition of alcohol in 1917. The government knew the dangers then. Allah gave us this body to worship Him and Him alone. Our time here is a test my brothers sand sisters do not fail.

Realtime Death counter: Deaths within the last 435 seconds
780   All causes
150   Infectious and parasitic diseases
22   Tuberculosis
2   Syphilis
39   AIDS
27   Diarrhoeal diseases
18   Childhood-cluster diseases
10   Measles
3   Tetanus
2   Meningitis
1   Hepatitis B
0   Hepatitis C
15   Malaria
0   Leprosy
0   Dengue
54   Respiratory infections
1   Maternal haemorrhage
1   Maternal sepsis
0   Obstructed labour
0   Abortion
18   Low birth weight
9   Birth asphyxia and birth trauma
3   Protein-energy malnutrition
0   Vitamin A deficiency
1   Iron-deficiency anaemia
98   Cancers
4   Mouth and oropharynx cancers
6   Oesophagus cancer
11   Stomach cancer
4   Mouth and oropharynx cancers
6   Oesophagus cancer
8   Colon and rectum cancers
8   Liver cancer
3   Pancreas cancer
16   Trachea, bronchus, lung cancers
0   Melanoma and other skin cancers
6   Breast cancer
3   Cervix uteri cancer
3   Prostate cancer
3   Leukaemia
12   Diabetes mellitus
0   Unipolar depressive disorders
0   Schizophrenia
1   Epilepsy
1   Alcohol use disorders
5   Alzheimer and other dementias
1   Parkinson disease
0   Multiple sclerosis
0   Drug use disorders
228   Cardiovascular diseases
4   Rheumatic heart disease
12   Hypertensive heart disease
99   Ischaemic heart disease
75   Cerebrovascular disease
5   Inflammatory heart diseases
32   Other cardiovascular diseases
36   Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
3   Asthma
3   Peptic ulcer disease
10   Cirrhosis of the liver
16   Road traffic accidents
4   Poisonings
5   Falls
4   Fires
5   Drownings
12   Other unintentional injuries
11   Self-inflicted injuries
6   Violence
3   War


Step 1: Open the webpage that will display the Realtime Death Counter. Use a simple texteditor such as NotePad or WordPad. Frontpage, Dreamweaver, GoLive or Word are not recommended. Paste the following code anywhere into the body-section of the webpage:


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