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Good manners are part of the deen of Allah. Here are some the mannerism
of a good Muslim.

  •  Drinking
     You should take at least three sips. Do not gulp.

  •  Showing Compassion
    You should always show compassion and helpfulness to all living creatures. Especially the elderly, children and animals.

  •  Allah's Decree
    When we see something wonderful, beautiful, or when we are impressed by something that is owned by someone else we say:

    Allah's Decree
    Ma Sha' Allah

  •  Using the Right and Left Hand
    While doing anything good you should use the right hand, foot, side. When entering the bathroom, leaving the Masjid and taking off clothing you should use the left hand, foot, or side.

  •  Before and After Doing Anything
    (except when entering the bathroom)

    In the name of Allah

    All praises to Allah
    Alhamdu lillah

  •  Yawning

    With the hand over the mouth you should say:
    I seek refuge in Allah from Satan
    A'uuthu billahi min alshaton-r-rajeem

  •  Greeting
    When coming upon another Muslim you should say:
    May the peace, mercy and blessing of Allah be upon you.

    Assalamu alikum wa rahmatul lahi wa barakatuh.

    In response they should say:
    And, may the peace mercy and blessing of Allah be upon you as well.
    Wa laikumu assalamu wa rahmatul lahi wa barakatuh

  •  Sneezing

    When you sneeze, you should say:
    Praise be to Allah

    Alhamdu lillah

    When someone else sneezes you should say:
    May Allah have mercy on you.

    Yarhamu Kumu Allah
    In response they should say:
    May Allah guild you and improve your condition.

    Yahdeekumu Allah wa yuslehu balakum



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