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"Each one believeth in Allah and His angels and His scriptures and His messengers... We make no distinction between any of His messengers" The Holy Quran [002.285]

Each nation of people, in all different times, had a Prophet. A chosen man amongst mankind. Allah sent 124,000 Prophets to warm us. They set examples of highest behavior. Here you will find a short description of some of the lives of these men. May peace and mercy be upon them all.

Quranic Name

Biblical Name

Adam (pbuh) Adam
Al-Yasa (pbuh) Elisha
Ayyub (pbuh Job
Dawud (pbuh) David
Harun (pbuh) Aaron
Ibrahim (pbuh) Abraham
Idris (phuh) Enoch
IIyas (pbuh) Elisas
Isa (pbuh) Jesus
Ishaq (pbuh) Issac
Isma'il (pbuh) Ishmael
Lut (pbuh) Lot
Muhammad (pbuh) *

The Story of the Prophet Adam

Our first man created was Adam (pbuh). He was the first person to receive the divine messages from Allah, claiming the title as our first Prophet.

Allah asked all moving creatures and unmoving creatures if they wished to have free will. Each of them declined this honor saying that it was too much responsibility. The soul of man was the only one to except the offer. Allah bestowed upon the man the job of being the caretaker of the planet earth. A caretaker that would have knowledge of  everything. He formed a body for these first humans out of earth and they were known as Adam (pbuh) and his wife Hawwa (pbuh). He placed them in a lush paradise.  The Angel's we're forced to bow before them out of respect for their knowledge that Allah had given them about the Earth. Ever being except one of the Jinn, who was known as Iblis. He felt that he was a superior being and refused to bow before a creature that was made from earthly components.

Furious Allah rebuked Iblis for his insolence and told him to remove himself from His company. Iblis said that man would only cause havoc and bloodshed on Earth. Allah agreed to allow Iblis to live till the day of judgment. Iblis vowed to prove that the Jinn we're superior to man. He said that he would mislead many and turn them from Allah. Allah said that only people who chose to befriend Iblis would be tempted. Allah warned that those who followed him of the Jinn and men would all share Iblis's fate in the Hellfire. Allah renamed Iblis, Shay' ton.

Shay'ton took his corruption right away. He entered the garden of Adam (pbuh) and Hawwa (pbuh). He whispered his lies to them. Saying that if they only ate from the tree in which they had been forbidden, they would live for ever. In Time Adam (pbuh) and Hawwa (pbuh) gave into Shay' ton. The Second they had transgressed against Allah's command they felt shame and guilt overwhelm them. Adam (pbuh) and Hawwa(pbuh) tried to hide from Allah and cover their bodies. Allah knower of all. He knew that his creations had done wrong and cast them out of the garden. Not to return.

In time Allah forgave Adam (pbuh) and Hawwa (pbuh), and showed them how to ask him for forgiveness. They we're so happy to be near Allah again that they begged Allah to have mercy on them and forgive them. They cried out that if they we're not forgiven they would be of the lost. Allah warned them. Anyone who befriends Shay'ton, the Jinn and did not follow his guidance, would inherit the fire with Shay'ton. Allah reminded them that if they we're of the pious that they could return to Him to enjoy His bounties in paradise, when they had completed their time on Earth. Adam (pbuh) and Hawwa (pbuh) vowed to be of the Pious.

Allah blessed them with many children. Adam (pbuh) became the first Prophet. He was selected by Allah to teach his family to obey and fear Allah. Allah told him that he was the first of many and that he would send down Prophets to Adam (pbuh) and Hawwa's (pbuh) descendants to warm them of his promise to mankind. May peace be upon Adam and Hawwa. The mother and father of the tribes of today.

The Story of the
Prophet Al-Yasa (pbuh)

Al-Yasa (pbuh) was appointed as Ilyas (pbuh) successor by Ilyas (pbuh) before he vanished into the protection of Allah. Ilyas (pbuh) had appointed him as the Prophet of Israel.

He inherited from Ilyas (pbuh) the inflexible king and queen of Israel. They refused to listen to any reason. Al-Yasa (pbuh) performed many miraculous deeds to prove to them the supreme powers of Allah. Instead they called Al-Yasa (pbuh) a magician. The king and Queen continued to defy his warnings, throughout Al-Yasa (pbuh) life. May peace be upon Al-Yasa.

The Story of the Prophet Ayyub (pbuh)

Ayyub (pbuh) was a descendant of A'mis, the third son of Ishaq (pbuh). Allah had granted Ayyub (pbuh) wealth and a large family. Ayyub (pbuh) was living in comfort and peace, when Allah decided to test Ayyub (pbuh) steadfastness in his faith.

Suddenly lighten struck and killed all of his livestock, a terrible storm destroyed his crops. Ayyub (pbuh) house collapsed with his family still inside, killing his children. Ayyub (pbuh) faith did not waiver.  Every time that he was inflicted with a new sorrow, he would bend down in submission acknowledging that Allah giveth and Allah taketh away. Ayyub (pbuh) test continued. He became stricken with ulcers over all his body, his flesh was began to rot off.

Several of Ayyub (pbuh) companions left him. His wife Raceme was the only one that took care of Ayyub (pbuh). She would find food and feed him. She would wash, and dress his wounds.

Soon the people of their town forced Ayyub (pbuh) and his wife into the woods. Telling them not to come to the town. All the while Ayyub (pbuh) faith stayed strong. Ayyub (pbuh) praised Allah for what tiny food and other provisions that Allah had given them.

Allah was pleased with Ayyub (pbuh) faithfulness. Ayyub (pbuh) soon recovered fully from his sickness, they returned to their land gaining back the crops. Allah blessed Ayyub (pbuh) with more wealth then he had before. In seeing how Ayyub (pbuh) had recovered by staying strong in his faith. Ayyub (pbuh) companions grew miraculously in number with added strength to their faith in Allah. May peace be upon Ayyub.

The Story of the Prophet Dawud (pbuh)

Dawud (pbuh) was a descendant of one of Ya'qub (pbuh) sons. When Duwud was declared a Prophet, he was still a young man. At the time Israel was at war with the Eimaliques, they we're loosing because no one could overpower gigantic king called Jalut (Goliath). Dawud (pbuh) used his sling to kill the king, Goliath. Dawud (pbuh) was selected as Prophet by Allah.

He was appointed king and expanded his land and rule. Spreading the teaching's of Allah to other lands. He laid the foundations of Bait-ul Muqaddas (the Holy Mosque) Allah gave him the Book Zubur (Psalms in the Torah) with Prophetic wisdom in its words. May peace be upon Dawud.

The Story of the Prophet Harun (pbuh)

Harun (pbuh) was son of Imran, the older brother of Prophet Musa (pbuh). He was appointed by Allah to help his brother Musa (pbuh) in the task of freeing the children of Israel from the pharaoh and teaching them the way of Allah. Harun (pbuh) accompanied his brother through the desert journeys till he died atop Mount Hoor. May peace be upon Harun.

The Story of the Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh)

It was a dark time. Many people worshiped celestial bodies, or idols. Allah had gifted Ibrahim (pbuh) with divine intelligence early on. He recognized that the sun, the moon, and  even the starts we’re allotted only a small appointed time each day. He concluded that they must be servants, not Gods.

Ibrahim (pbuh) also began to question the idols that his family worshiped. He could not understand how the stone figures could be gods if they could not  even speak. He decided that  even though Allah was unseen, that all of creation served One God. The one god that made the earth and the sky and appointed a time for each. The one god that gave life and also took it away.

His lack of belief turned to anger. He despised the stone and wood carving's that fooled his people into worshipping them. He was repulsed at the way his people would enter the temple, how they would bow and beg before theses images of stone and wood. Ibrahim (pbuh) was satisfied with his theory of One god and began to preach the message. Trying to convince others to leave the worship of their idols.

part II

The Story of the Prophet Idris (pbuh)

Idris (pbuh) was the recipient of a number of revelations from Allah. Idris (pbuh) is credited with learning many useful skills or inventing things which humans still use such as writing, mathematics, astronomy, etc.

It is known that despite his knowledge and piety, the people of his time ignored Idris (pbuh) teachings. They had forgotten about Allah. The world was thus punished with a prolonged drought. When they repented, Idris (pbuh) prayed for their forgiveness and the Lord sent down rain to quench the land and fill the rivers.

Idris (pbuh) often observed Saum and spent much of his time in prayer.  Even the angels we're overwhelmed by his worship. It is said that he was taken away alive by Allah. When Idris (pbuh) left earth, he left a large group of family and friends behind. Allah chose great leaders and Prophets from them. May peace be upon Idris.

The Story of the Prophet IIyas (pbuh)

Ilyas (pbuh) was a descendant from Harun (pbuh). He was appointed as a Prophet of Israel, following the death of Sulaiman (pbuh). Sulaiman (pbuh) kingdom was divided when he died. The current king of Israel was Ahab, had reverted to materialism. The entire kingdom had fallen to a wave of evil and corruption. People who tried to teach the oneness of Allah we're tortured and killed.

Ilyas (pbuh) had been trying effortlessly to teach the people. He told them of the Punishment that would overtake the kingdom. He added that their false gods would be powerless to stop it. The people paid no heed to his warnings never changing their ways.

Ahab had his neighbor killed,  even though he was a pious man and had never done any harm. Ahab took the land of his slain neighbor, as his own. It was a lush garden of fruit. Ilyas (pbuh) scolded the king for his behavior and warned him that a punishment from Allah would come if he did not return the land back to the slain man's orphan. Surly Allah will have Ahab slain in the same garden. Ahab told Ilyas (pbuh) that he should hold his tongue, least he have him arrested and tortured, for making threats against the king.

The prophecy of the Prophet Ilyas (pbuh) came about. It began with the son of the Ahab becoming ill. Ilyas (pbuh) frustrated by the behavior of the king asked the king "why did he not pray to his best idol for the recovery of his son." Ahab was so insulted by the Ilyas (pbuh) words that he sent for his guards to take him, torture, and kill him.

Ilyas (pbuh) fell into prostration praying to Allah for His help. As the palace guards entered his chamber they fell dead. The prophecy of the Prophet Ilyas (pbuh) continued the whole kingdom came under a drought. Famine swept the people of Ahab's kingdom. Continuing for three years. Ilyas (pbuh) pleaded to Allah "show mercy to the famine stricken people". The people had felt the strength and authority of Allah. The people asked to be forgiven.

Allah sent rain down to the land ending the draught. Ilyas (pbuh) was directed by god to inform Al-Yasa (pbuh) that he was to be his successor. IIyas vanished in the protection of Allah.

It was shortly after that a monarch from a neighboring kingdom came and conquered the land. Ahab and his wife we're slain in the garden, that they had stolen years before. May peace be upon Ilyas.

The Story of the Prophet Isa (pbuh)

'Isa (pbuh) was the last Prophet appointed by Allah for Banu Israel. They defied his teachings and denied his legitimacy. The story of 'Isa (pbuh) starts with his mother Maryam (pbuh). Maryam (pbuh) had been a dedicated servant of Allah all of her life. She had been raised by her Uncle Zakariya (pbuh) to become the caretaker of bait-ul Muqqadas. She lived in a small room in the bait-ul Muqqadas provided to her by her uncle.

The angel Jibril came to Maryam (pbuh) in the shape of a man. Maryam (pbuh) covered her self warning the man that she was a servant of Allah’s and that she seeks refuge in Allah. Jibril responded, he was a messenger of Allah. He was to announce the gift from Allah of a perfect son. He told Maryam (pbuh) that this child would become a great Prophet. This man would be a revelation for all mankind, a mercy from us. Maryam (pbuh) said [019.020] “ How can I have a son when no mortal hath touched me, neither have I been unchaste ?” [019.021] Jibril replied that she should not be afraid that this is the will of Allah. Allah is capable of all things he creates life and can take life. This is a simple task.

Maryam (pbuh) became pregnant with 'Isa (pbuh). She left the grand mosque hiding herself away in the desert. The pain of her childbirth brought her to a palm tree she laid beneath it. She gave birth to 'Isa (pbuh) in solitude. She was to weak to move and an angel again came to her told her to shake the tree and dates will fall for food and drink from here. A spring of water came from the ground next to where Maryam (pbuh) lay. He also told her that when the people ask of 'Isa (pbuh) to stay quite that 'Isa (pbuh) will bare witness for her.

When Maryam (pbuh) returned to her people the Quran says [019.028] O sister of Aaron! Thy father was not a wicked man nor was thy mother a harlot. [019.029] Then she pointed to him. They said: How can we talk to one who is in the cradle, a young boy ?[019.030] He spoke: Lo! I am the slave of Allah. He hath given me the Scripture and hath appointed me a Prophet, [019.032] And (hath made me) dutiful toward her who bore me, and hath not made me arrogant. [019.033] Peace on me the day I was born, and the day I die, and the day I shall be raised alive! 'Isa (pbuh) fell silent at that. The people we’re too shocked to speak, they scattered.

'Isa (pbuh) was around the age of thirty when Allah began to reveal the divine messages to him. 'Isa (pbuh) began to teach the oneness of Allah to the people of Banu Israel. He would perform many miracles to the people of Israel. Some of the miracles include turning mud into birds, healing the sick and blind, he even brought the dead back to life. 'Isa (pbuh) fed a thousand people from a single loaf of bread. All of these miracles we’re performed with prayer and faith in Allah. He affirmed the Torah and confirmed the Halal and Haram foods for humans. 'Isa (pbuh) also forbid all selling and trading inside of Bait-ul-maqqadas. To purify it for worship. 'Isa (pbuh) was met with constant criticism. He had only twelve true companions, they we’re also know as the twelve apostles of 'Isa (pbuh). The twelve men would follow 'Isa (pbuh) around and assist in his teachings.

Banu Israel was against the teachings of 'Isa (pbuh) and plotted with the Romans to have 'Isa (pbuh) killed. They framed him for treason. A crime that is punishable by crucifixion. They began the hunt for 'Isa (pbuh). It was one of his companions by the name of Judaist that turned him in to the government.

Before the crucifixion Allah bestowed mercy on 'Isa (pbuh) and changed the appearance of another prisoner to look like 'Isa (pbuh). The other prisoner was crucified in his place. The Governor of Rome and the Israelites believed that they had killed 'Isa (pbuh). Allah had withdrew 'Isa (pbuh) from his enemies and brought him to the haven’s. Peace be upon 'Isa.

The Story of the Prophet Isma'il (pbuh)

Isma'il (pbuh) was the elder son of Ibrahim (pbuh), and Hajirah. While Isma'il (pbuh) was still a babe in his mothers arms. Allah instructed Ibrahim (pbuh) to take his wife Hajirah and his son Isma'il (pbuh) to Hejaz. Hejaz was located deep in the desert of Arabia. It was a barren and waterless place. Not  another person in sight. Ibrahim (pbuh) placed Isma'il (pbuh) on the ground near we're the Ka'bah stands today. Beside him he placed a bag filled with dates and skin of water. He started to walk away. Hajirah called him, begging him not to leave them. He did not listen. Finally she asked him if Allah had commanded him to leave them there. Ibrahim (pbuh) told her yes. She to had faith in Allah, that if this is the will of Allah, she knew that no harm would come to them. He left them in the desert with a sorrowful heart, placing their lives in the hands of Allah.

In time she and Isma'il (pbuh) ran out of supplies, she had begun running between the two hills, in search of people or subsidence. Seven times from the hill of Safa to Marwah she ran in her quest of water. Isma'il (pbuh) became so thirsty, that he began crying and kicking the ground with his heels. The ground we're his heels had hit, a small spring rushed miraculously forth from the ground. This water is still running to this day it is known as the Zam Zam water.

A tribe that had been searching the desert for food and water known as the Banu Jaham, came upon Hajirah. They we're sitting by the stream. In aw, they two made camp, for they knew that their was no stream on this land before. She told them the story of the water, fascinated by her story. The Jaham decided to stay. The tribe set up a temporary settlement that became the city of Mecca.

Ibrahim (pbuh) confronted Isma'il (pbuh) when he was nine with the dreams that Allah had shown him. Allah had asked Ibrahim (pbuh) to sacrifice Isma'il (pbuh). Isma'il (pbuh) having such strong faith in Allah said that if this was Allah's will then they must obey. Isma'il (pbuh) and his father traveled to Mina to perform their sacrifice. Ibrahim (pbuh) laid Isma'il (pbuh) down on the ground, with his arms and legs tied. He crouched over his son. Sorrow filled his heart. He placed the knife at the throat of Isma'il (pbuh). As soon as he did this the angel Jibril appeared and told him that Allah was pleased with the efforts of both of his Prophets. They we're willing to make this ultimate sacrifice to please him. A lamb appeared out the air to be sacrificed in the place of Isma'il (pbuh). Jibril told them of Allah's great pleasure with them. He announced the birth of Ishaq (pbuh), to Sarah.

Allah also commanded Ibrahim (pbuh) and his son Isma'il (pbuh), to build the Ka'bah in Mecca. To serve as a House of worship for Allah. Isma'il (pbuh) and Ibrahim (pbuh) began to call people to prayer at the Ka'bah. The Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) asked his son to bring a good stone to mark the corner of foundation. So that for all times this place would be marked. The black stone was placed said to have come directly from the heavens. The stone was known as Hajar al-Aswad. When they completed the Ka'bah, both of them prayed to Allah for acceptance of their service.

Isma'il (pbuh) fathered many sons and daughters who moved to several parts of the Arabia. Wherever they settled, they taught the way of Allah. Isma'il (pbuh) is also known as Abul Arab, the father of the Arabs. May peace be upon Isma'il.

The Story of the Prophet Ishaq (pbuh)

Ishaq (pbuh) was the son of Sarah the first wife of Ibrahim (pbuh). He was born nine years after the birth of Isma'il (pbuh). Ishaq (pbuh) lived in Canaan and was appointed Prophet towards his people by Allah. He was married at the age of 40. He had two sons, who were twins. They were named Issau and Ya'qub (pbuh). May peace be upon Ishaq.

The Story of the Prophet Lut (pbuh)

Lut (pbuh) was the nephew of Ibrahim (pbuh), the son of his brother Harun (pbuh). Lut (pbuh) traveled with Ibrahim (pbuh) teaching the oneness of Allah. When Ibrahim (pbuh) left Egypt and settled in Cannan. Lut (pbuh) was summoned by Allah to the city of Sodom, which was on the western shore of the Dead Sea. He became the Prophet to the people of Sodom, to try and change the evil ways of Sodom and the neighboring city Gomorrah. Both cities we're very prosperous. But their prosperity only increased their immoral behavior. The people of Sodom robbed and killed travelers that passed by the city. They openly and unashamedly committed illegal sexual acts. Men had sex with other men instead of with their wives.

Allah commanded Lut (pbuh) to speak to the people of Sodom. To beseech them to give up there evil and except Allah. Lut (pbuh) unwavering in his beliefs, preached day and night. Sodom's people laughed at the teachings of Lut (pbuh). Defying him openly. In time they began to threaten and torture him. His family was in constant danger. The people of Sodom submerged in the abyss of there sins turned deaf ears to Lut (pbuh). He warned them of Allah's punishment. The people tired of his preaching threatened to expel him out of the city.

Lut's (pbuh) heart went sad, and the reputation of the city of Sodom grew. Lut (pbuh) struggled for many years against the people refusing to give up,  even in failure. The people called out to him "Bring Allah's Torment upon us if you are truthful!"

Lut's (pbuh) uncle Ibrahim (pbuh) was visited by Angels who informed him of the doom that was in store for the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. Ibrahim (pbuh) beseeched Allah for Lut (pbuh) and Lut's  (pbuh) family, Allah assured Ibrahim (pbuh) of the safety of his nephew.

The angels arrived at the door of Lut (pbuh) in the form of young men. To Lut 's (pbuh) surprise the towns people heard of the young men at Lut's (pbuh) home and formed a mob. The mob approached the house intending to grab the young men for there own deviate pleasure. Lut (pbuh) pleaded with the mob to go, and tried to shut them out, but he was over powered by the number and strength of the people. Lut (pbuh) begged his people to go to their wives, that is the way of Allah. The people waited listening to Lut (pbuh) speech, then rolled with laughter. Lut (pbuh) became angered, but stood no chance against the assailants.

Lut (pbuh) prayed for them to stop the abuse of his guests. The Angels seeing Lut's (pbuh) torment spoke to Lut (pbuh) telling him that they were angels and no harm would truly come to them. The angels delivered the instructions from Allah to Lut (pbuh) and told him to leave the region immediately and none of them should look back.

Lut's (pbuh) family knowing the immense furry of Allah's punishment fled the city immediately. They we're climbing the hills outside of the two cities when they felt the Earth began to quake. Fire ripped threw the cities, boulders flung from the depths of the earth. The two cities and  everyone of its inhabitants we're destroyed. It was as if the two cities had been picked up by an invisible hand and rammed back down to the ground.

Hearing the cries of the people Lut (pbuh) wife, turned to look. Disobeying the instructions of Allah. She was instantly turned to a pillar of rock. Lut (pbuh) dared not look back, he rushed the rest of his family far from the two cities.

Lut (pbuh) found their way to the safety of Ibrahim's (pbuh) home. Lut (pbuh) told his uncle the story of Sodom. To his surprise, his uncle already knew what had happened. The two of them continued on there mission as Prophets of Allah, spreading the message of oneness. May peace be upon Lut.

The Story of the Prophet
Muhammad (pbuh)

This description of the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), is only a tiny portion of the true greatness that he was. Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, the last Prophet of Allah.

The prophecy of the messenger was told by the Prophets of the past.  every tribe was foretold of his coming. This great Prophet would bear witness to all of the true Prophets before him. He would bring together  every nation, and religion. He would unite them in one comprehensive faith, one brother hood.

Muhammad (pbuh) was the son of Abdullah and Aminah. Aminah was the daughter of Wahb Ibn Abdu Manaf of the Zahrah family. His father, 'Abdullah, was the son of Abdul Muttalib. Abdullah had left his new bride Aminah for a business trip two weeks after their marriage. Unfortunately he never returned. A few months later Aminah was given a dream prophesizing the coming of her son. She was about half way into her pregnancy when she learned of her husband’s death. It was her husbands father, Abd al-Muttaleb that took her and her maid, Barakah in.

The year was 570 AD. This year became known as the year of the Elephant. Muhammad (pbuh) family lived in Mecca. In that year Abraha al-Ashram the ruler of Yemen brought and army to Mecca to destroy the Ka'bah. Aminah was advised to leave with the rest of her people. She refused saying that her child was destined to be born in Mecca, Allah would see that no harm came to them.

When the army approached the Ka'bah, Allah sent a storm of birds carrying tiny stones. The birds pelted the soldieries, killing many of them.  Even the Elephants under command by the army could not advance on the Ka'bah.

Aminah was later visited by a dream, telling her to name her son Muhammad (pbuh). As commanded upon his birth he was named Muhammad (pbuh). Muhammad (pbuh), was an unusual name for Arabs at this time. Muhammad's (pbuh) grandfather Abd al-Muttaleb provided them with financial support.

In that time period it was customary that mothers in the city would find a woman to wet nurse their child in the country, for a time to insure they grew up strong and healthy. After some difficulties a nurse was found for Muhammad (pbuh), a woman by the name of Halima. Muhammad (pbuh) stayed with her until he was five.

Muhammad (pbuh) was then reunited with his mother, but only for a short time. Muhammad (pbuh) and his mother was traveling when she fell sick and died. Before she died she had entrusted her son’s care to Barakah, her maid. Barakah buried Aminah the next day and took Mohammed back to his grandfather’s home. She moved in to take care of him.

Muhammad (pbuh) was only eight years old when his grandfather, Abd al-Muttaleb died. Again Muhammad (pbuh) was placed in the care of yet another. This time it would be his uncle Abu Talib. Muhammad (pbuh) and Barakah went into their care.

Abu Talib and his wife Fatirnah binte Asad cared for Muhammad (pbuh) as one of there own sons. Muhammad (pbuh) grew to a young man in his uncle’s house, and was shown much affection. He was known for his good manners. Muhammad (pbuh) never told lies or fabricated stories. He always spoke to others with courtesy, softness and the utmost respect. Some said that his uncle loved him more then his own children. He would spend most of his time watching the flocks of his uncle.

part II


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