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"Each one believeth in Allah and His angels and His scriptures and His messengers... We make no distinction between any of His messengers" The Holy Quran [002.285]

Each nation of people, in all different times, had a Prophet. A chosen man amongst mankind. Allah sent 124,000 Prophets to warm us. They set examples of highest behavior. Here you will find a short description of some of the lives of these men. May peace and mercy be upon them all.

Quranic Name

Biblical Name

Musa (pbuh) Moses
Nuh (pbuh) Noah
Sulaiman (pbuh Solomon
Uzair (pbuh) Ezra
Yahya (pbuh) John
Ya'qub (pbuh) Jacob
Yunus (phuh) Jonah
Yusuf (pbuh) Joseph
Zakariya (pbuh) Zechariah

The Story of the Prophet Musa (pbuh)

The pharaoh was in control of the land of Egypt. He had forced the Israelis into slavery. So when they saw that the number of Israelis was increasing they sent out a decree to the people. The pharaoh said "All new born male children of the Banu Israel will be killed."

 It was a cruel hardship for the people to bare and they tried desperately to resist, even the guards, afraid of the pharaoh had no choice but to obey his wicked decree. Allah's divine plans would not be hindered by the pharaoh. The baby Musa (pbuh) was born to a god fearing women, who received a message from Allah [020.08] "Feed him and, when you are afraid for him, then cast him into the river and fear not nor grieve. Lo! We shall bring him back unto thee and shall make him (one) of Our messengers. Musa's (pbuh) mother did just this she placed him in a basket of reeds wrapped in a blanket. Then in the dark of night she sent him into the river. Her heart nearly burst with pain.

Musa's (pbuh) basket had made its down the river to one of the palaces of the Pharaoh. The queen saw the basket and ordered her servant to retrieve it. The queen having no child of her own was instantly taken by Musa (pbuh) and asked the pharaoh if she may raise the babe as their son. They named the baby Musa (pbuh). Which, in the old Egyptian language meant "pulled out of water. " When the news reached Musa's (pbuh) mother. that a baby had been found by the palace, she sent her daughter to watch over him.

Musa (pbuh) became very hungry and was refusing to take milk from any of the women that offered their service. He was near to death when a girl came forward and suggested the service of her mother, whose baby had been recently slain. The girl rushed home and informed her mother. The mother of Musa (pbuh) came to the palace and pretended that she had lost her own son. She offered her milk to Musa (pbuh), he responded immediately to the nursing. His own mother was then hired to nurse him. She was consoled greatly by this action, but never revealed her identity. Allah had returned her baby.

part II

The Story of the Prophet Nuh (pbuh)

Nuh (pbuh) was born in a town near the ancient city of Mesopotamia. A farming town that was known for its idol worshiping. They had been worshipping these idols for many years.

Nuh (pbuh) was given a message, a warning from Allah that if his people did not cease worshipping these false gods, that he would send down a terrible punishment. Nuh (pbuh) ran to his people and he preached oneness of Allah saying:

[071.002]"O my people! Lo! I am a plain warner unto you. [071.003]I am bidding you, serve Allah and keep your duty unto Him and obey me. [071.004] That He may forgive you and somewhat of your sins and respite you to an appointed term. Lo! the term of Allah, when it cometh, cannot be delayed, if ye but knew.

Still, his wife and one of his sons did not believe him. He went to the towns people and they criticized him. Because those that followed him we're poor. The people ridiculed Nuh (pbuh) saying that he looked no different then them. Why would he be chosen as a Prophet. Surely he must be crazy. They wanted proof of this punishment. They told him to leave.

He went back to Allah and said: [071.006] But all my calling doth but add to their repugnance. [071.007]And lo! when ever I call unto them that Thou may pardon them they thrust their fingers in their ears and cover themselves with their garments and persist (in their refusal) and magnify themselves in pride.[071.008]And lo! I have called unto them aloud,[071.009] And lo! I have made public proclamation unto them, and I have appealed to them in private.[071.010]And I have said: Seek pardon of your Lord. Lo! He was ever Forgiving. [071.011]He will let loose the sky for you in plenteous rain. [071.012]And will help you with wealth and sons, and will assign unto you Gardens and will assign unto you rivers. [071.013] What ails you that ye hope not toward Allah for dignity. [071.014]When He created you by stages [071.015] See ye not how Allah hath created seven heavens in harmony. [071.016]And hath made the moon a light therein, and made the sun a lamp. [071.017]And Allah hath caused you to grow as a growth from the earth. [071.018]And afterward He made you return thereto, and He will bring you forth. [071.019]And Allah hath made the earth a wide expanse for you. [071.020] That ye may thread the valley-ways thereof. [071.021]My Lord! Lo! they have disobeyed me and followed one whose wealth and children increase him in naught save ruin.

Allah told him not to worry anymore about them. They would meet His punishment which would serve as a lesson for generations to come. He told him to build a huge boat. On this boat, he should take with him only the true believers and take with them a male and female of each kind of animal.

During the building of boat 'we know as the Ark', the disbelievers came to the valley and tormented Nuh (pbuh) and his followers. Taunting them. Calling Nuh (pbuh) a crazy man.

When the boat was finished Allah commanded Nuh (pbuh) to load the boat and stay on board until Allah said he may leave. Three of his four sons and a handful of true believers along with a pair of each species of animals boarded the ark.

Suddenly the water came from everywhere. Mountain's of water swelled and raised out of the ground. Nuh (pbuh) cried out to his son "Accept Allah, ask to be forgiven." His son said that he would find a mountain and would stay till the water had resided. Nuh (pbuh) lost his son and his wife in the flood.

Many days later Allah gave the command "Earth swallow your water, sky withhold your rain." The water subsided, the ark landed on the mount of Judi. Nuh (pbuh) speaking in grief to Allah saying 'My lord! Lo! My son is of my house. Your judgment was true and that he knew Allah was a better judge then he.

Allah said to Nuh (pbuh) that the evil doers where no longer part of his family, and that not to ask him of matters that he did not know of. Nuh (pbuh) said that it was Allah that he seeks refuge in, and that he had no use for knowledge if Allah did not forgive him and have mercy on him.

Allah said "Come down from the mountain now! With peace from Us. Blessings upon you and some nations that will descend from those with you. Allah warned them that there would be other nations unto whom We shall give enjoyment to for many years. Then a painful doom from Us will overtake them for the evil that they will create. May peace be upon Nuh (pbuh).

The Story of the Prophet Sulaiman (pbuh)

Sulaiman (pbuh) was the son of Dawud (pbuh). From his father he learned allot, and was subsequently appointed Prophet and king after his father. Allah gave him immense wisdom and power over all creation, including the jinns.

Sulaiman (pbuh) was known for his wisdom and fair justice in all the lands. His kingdom expanded as far east as Euphrates river, as far west as Egypt, and as far south as Yemen.

One of the stories of Sulaiman (pbuh) was that of his wife. Queen of Saba, named Bilqis before they married. Bilqis was a wise ruler but her people worshiped the sun and moon. Sulaiman (pbuh) told them to stop but, instead they tried to offer him gifts. Sulaiman (pbuh) was angered by their insolence. Sulaiman (pbuh) took an army, set on forcing them to submit to Allah.

On his journey Sulaiman (pbuh) was passing threw a valley of ants. He heard an ant speak. She said to him many things. He was overcome with mercy for the Bilqis' people and decided not to harm them. Bilqis had been warned of what was happening. She, herself left her palace to set straight the relationship between the two kingdoms.

Once the Queen had departed Sulaiman (pbuh) ordered a jinn to bring a throne to him from her castle. When Bilqis arrived she was forced to identify her throne and was in awe of the wisdom and power that Sulaiman (pbuh) had been given. She gave up her kingdom to become his wife and lived with him and by his side.

Sulaiman (pbuh) was also known for completing the construction of Bait-ul-Muqaddas whose foundations were laid by his father. Sulaiman (pbuh) lived for over eighty years. May peace be upon Sulaiman (pbuh).

The Story of the Prophet Uzair (pbuh)

The story of Uzair (pbuh) begins on day when he left his home on a journey. It was about noon he had come upon a barren place. He felt the heat of the sun and the thirst in his throat. He was in an abandoned town when he dismounted his donkey and unpacked his grapes and dates. Finding the shade of a Khaiba three he commenced to eat his lunch. When he had finished he looked around the empty town. The only signs of humans were that of their bones. Saying this out of wonder, not doubt. Uzair (pbuh) , because of the utter ruin of what he saw. Allah gave the command to the Angel of death to take his life.

Uzair (pbuh) was dead for one hundred years. Allah then sent an angel back to Uzair (pbuh) to start his heart again and his eyes so that he may experience it for himself. The looked the same as he did when he died. The Angel asked Uzair (pbuh) how long was he asleep. Uzair (pbuh) answered that he was asleep a day maybe a part of a day because it seemed to be late in the afternoon now. The angel told Uzair (pbuh) that he had been asleep for one hundred years. Uzair (pbuh) looked at the food and drink he had packed, it was almost decomposed. The Angel then revived his donkey.

Uzair (pbuh) mounted his donkey and headed to his home. The people did not recognize Uzair (pbuh). Even his own household did not know him. He recognized one of the maids, a very old woman by this time. He asked her if this was the home of Uzair (pbuh). She said yes, but that Uzair (pbuh) had long been forgotten. He told her that he was Uzair (pbuh) and his story. The maid replied that When Uzair (pbuh) had prayed Allah answered Uzair's (pbuh) prayers. "Pray my blindness will be cured if you are who you say you are." He prayed to Allah that she would be healed, massaging her eyes. Then took her by the hands and told her to look up by the power of Allah and see that she had been cured. Overwhelmed the crippled old woman cried out that she could see. She bore witness that this was the real Uzair (pbuh).

She gathered together the Israelites. Uzair (pbuh) son by this time was one hundred and eighteen. Uzair's (pbuh) grandchildren had become the lords of the assembly. The old maid called to them telling of the return of Uzair (pbuh). They said he was a liar. "I tell you the truth" she said" I am your maid, this man has prayed for me and I walk now and I can see."

They put Uzair (pbuh) threw a serious of tests. His son described the mole that Uzair (pbuh) had between his two shoulders, they found this same mole. Then they tested him on his knowledge of the Torah. His son said "After Nebauchadnezzar burned the Torah, none memorized it except Uzair (pbuh). There was only one copy of it left and only Uzair (pbuh) knew of its whereabouts. "

  Uzair (pbuh) led the people to it's location and took out the copy of the Torah. Uzair (pbuh) sat there under he shade of a palm and made copies of that Torah for the children of Israel. When Uzair (pbuh) died his second time he was forty years old. May peace be upon him.

The Story of the Prophet Yahya (pbuh)

Yahya (pbuh) was the son that Allah had promised to Zakariya (pbuh). He was to name his son, Yahya (pbuh). Never before him, was there a person with this name. He spent his entire life showing compassion for mankind, even as a child. He was the vision of piety and goodness. Yahya (pbuh) was always good to his parents and all of the elderly people around him. He lived his life according to the Torah, trying to encourage people to follow it and learn the oneness of God.

Yahya (pbuh) also bore witness of Maryam's innocence, at the virgin birth of 'Isa (pbuh). He stood by 'Isa's (pbuh) side and affirmed the Prophet hood of 'Isa (pbuh). He would become one of the companions of 'Isa (pbuh) during his Prophet hood. The Romans unhappy with Yahya (pbuh) activities with 'Isa (pbuh), arranged for his death. May peace be upon Yahya.

The Story of the Prophet Ya'qub (pbuh)

Ya'qub (pbuh) was one of the twin sons of Ishaq (pbuh). Allah appointed him Prophet towards his people after the death of his father. His nickname had been Israel, and his tribe was became Banu Israel (the children of Israel). Ya'qub (pbuh) had twelve sons and one daughter. The twelve tribes of the children of Israel are named after his twelve sons. The Prophet Yusuf (pbuh) was one of his sons. When Yusuf (pbuh) had disappeared by the hands of his brothers Ya'qub (pbuh) cried until he lost sight in his eyes. He was later reunited with Yusuf (pbuh) later in life. May peace be upon Ya'qub.

The Story of the Prophet Yunus (pbuh)

Yunus (pbuh) was the son of Amittai, from the clan of Judah. Allah sent Yunus (pbuh) as a Prophet to the people of Ninewa (North Western Iraq). The towns people we're idolaters and very proud of this. They had been worshipping idols for generations. The stubborn people of the town refused to even listen to Yunus's (pbuh) teachings. Yunus (pbuh) warned them, that a great punishment would come to them from Allah. The shameless people of the village said to him "If Allah wants to punish them, then so be it."

Down hearted and angery he said. "I leave you to your misery!" He left the town fearing that Allah's anger would soon come . He decided to take the river ferry to another territory. He had just left the city when the skies began to change. They took on a very ominous display of fury. This filled the people of Ninewa with fear. They knew of the story of Noah and feared a similar fate. Faith in Allah slowly filled the hearts of people. They began to prostrate in prayer begging Allah to forgive them. It is said that you could hear their cries echoing threw the mountain for over an hour.

Allah feeling mercy for the people, and seeing the sincerity of there cry for forgiveness, he removed his wrath. The people prayed for Yunus (pbuh) to be returned. Yunus (pbuh) could guide them, and teach them the oneness of Allah..

At the same time Yunus (pbuh) was on the boat crossing the river. It had been a calm trip for almost a day. As night began to descend a storm with great waves surrounded the ship. Mountains seem to raise out of the river crashing into the ferry. It appeared that the ship would be torn in half with the next wave. The captain of the boat told the crew to throw the baggage over board to lighten their load. When this had no effect they decided to throw a man overboard. They tossed a coin and it fell on Yunus (pbuh). Since they knew him to be the most honorable among them, they did not wish to throw him into the angry sea. Therefore, they decided to draw a second lot. Again it fell on Yunus (pbuh). They gave him a final chance and drew a third. Unfortunately for Yunus (pbuh) it fell on him again.

Yunus (pbuh) knew that this was the will of Allah. This was his punishment for his leaving. So he threw himself in the river. The storm subsided immediately and all on board the ferry were saved.

As soon as he hit the water, Yunus (pbuh), was swallowed by a huge fish the size of a whale. Yunus (pbuh) was surrounded by darkness he was inside the huge fish. He knew that he would soon be dead he parted his lips and said La ilaha illa Anta . Yunus (pbuh) continued issuing his prayer. Until Allah feeling the depth of emotion and repentance in Yunus (pbuh) voice, commanded the fish to release him.

The fish carried Yunus (pbuh) to the bank and spit him onto the land. His skin was inflamed and partly digested from the stay in the stomach of the fish. Yunus (pbuh) became seriously ill. He suffered even further as the sun began to beet down on him. The insects attacked his wounds. Yunus (pbuh) continued beseeching Allah for his forgiveness. Seeing the great pain and suffering that his messenger was in. He gave the command of a plant to come to Yunus (pbuh) side and wrap him in shade. Yunus (pbuh) wounds began to heal. Allah said that if Yunus (pbuh) had not asked to be forgiven he would have left him in the fish's stomach until the day of judgment.

 Allah led the people of Ninewa to find Yunus (pbuh). They we're overcome with joy to see him alive. They took him back to the city and swore to him that they would listen to him, if only he would teach them the way of Allah. Yunus (pbuh) lived with the people for the rest of his live. Upon his death he was buried near the place that he had landed when he was ejected from the fish. A city was built by his followers near his grave. This city became very prosperous. it is known as Kufa. Yunus (pbuh) grave is located on the bank of the river. May peace be upon Yunus (pbuh).

The Story of the Prophet Yusuf (pbuh)

Yusuf (pbuh) was one of the sons of Ya'qub (pbuh). His mother's name was Raheel. He was adored by his parents and was his mothers first child. He was know for having dreams.

Yusuf (pbuh) told his father about a dream he had, where the sun, the moon and eleven stars bowed down before him. His father being a Prophet himself told his son the interpretation of the dream. He told, Yusuf (pbuh) that he would also be a great Prophet and all would bow before him. Yusuf (pbuh) older brother's were furious about the interpretation. They had grown exceptionally jealous of Yusuf (pbuh), because of the special treatment by their parents. They decided to get rid of Yusuf (pbuh).

One day they tricked Yusuf (pbuh) and left his strained in a well, taking his shirt from him. His brothers covered the shirt in sheep's blood and then ran home crying. They elaborated a huge scene of how Yusuf (pbuh) had been killed by wolfs and that they tried to save him, but they couldn't. Ya'qub (pbuh) was so saddened by the death of his son that he couldn't stop weeping. It is said that he cried so long and so sad that he lost his eye sight due to excessive crying.

Later the brothers returned to the area near the well watching to see what would become of him. They saw a caravan approach the brothers went before the leader of the caravan and offered Yusuf (pbuh) for sale. They said that he was their slave and he had tried to escape. Seeing the beauty of the young man the leader agreed. They pulled him out and bound him.

They headed for Egypt, where he placed Yusuf (pbuh) on the auctioneer block. It was few days and the ruler of Egypt happened by. He saw the exceptionally handsome youth and paid a high price for him. The ruler took Yusuf (pbuh) to his palace to serve his beautiful wife.

part II

The Story of the Prophet Zakariya (pbuh)

Zakariya (pbuh) was a Prophet amongst Banu Israel. He worked as a carpenter and earned his livelihood for his family. His wife was al-Yashbi' who belonged to the family of Prophet Harun (pbuh).

They were the symbols of piety and righteousness. He was also the caretaker of Maryam (pbuh), the mother of Prophet 'Isa (pbuh). Maryam (pbuh) was the niece of his wife. Maryam (pbuh)'s mother had taken a vow during her pregnancy. She dedicating her unborn child in the service of Bait-ul Muqqadas. When Maryam (pbuh) was born she was given to her uncle, Zakariya (pbuh). Zakariya (pbuh) was also in charge of the rituals of worship as well as the upkeep of Bait-ul Muqqadas. When Maryam (pbuh) grew older, he allotted her a room inside the Mosque so that she could carry out her duties at all times.

As Zakariya (pbuh) grew older, he longed for an heir. His longing was not to satisfy his desire for a mere child. He wanted to have a son to maintain the religious activities. One night Zakariya (pbuh) stood in prayer. Praying for Allah to bless him with a good son. He knew that he was too old and his wife was barren and unable to raise a child, but he had full faith in Allah.

Allah revealed to Zakariya (pbuh) that he would have a son. His son would be a great Prophet and a leader, an example to all of mankind. He was to name his son, Yahya (pbuh). Never before him was there a person with this name. He would affirm the innocence of Maryam (pbuh). Shortly after the revelation Allah gave Zakariya (pbuh) his son, under the condition that he would be incapable of verbal communication with any one for a period of three days. Soon afterwards he had the son whom he named Yahya (pbuh), according to the Will of Allah.

Zakariya (pbuh) continued preaching the religion of Allah even in old age. The Israelites not only ignored the teachings of Zakariya (pbuh) but tortured him also. The Prophet Zakariya (pbuh) was put to death by the Israelites. Zakariya (pbuh) had taken shelter in a tree and the Jews began to saw that part of the tree. The Prophet Zakariya (pbuh) did not even sound a single cry as his body was cut into two pieces. May peace be upon Zakariya.


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