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Islamic Glossary



Ma'afiri - A type of garment.

Ma shaAllah - The will of God. Indicates a good omen.

Maghafir - A bad smelling gum.

Al-Maghazi - A holy battle, or place of a holy battle.

Maghrib - Sunset prayer. The fourth obligatory prayer of the day. Offered between just after sunset and before the stars appear in the sky.

Mahr - Bridal gift, signifies the amount of payment that is settled between the two spouses at the time of marriage.

Makruh - Undesirable act.

Mamluk - A male slave.

Manasik Al-Hajj wal-Umrah - Acts connected with Hajj and Umrah.

Manihah - A sort of gift in the form of a she camel or sheep, that it can be milked and then is returned to its owner.

Maqam Ibrahim - The stone on which Ibrahim (pbuh) stood while he and Isma'il (pbuh) we're building the Ka'bah.

Maqam-Mahmud - The highest place in paradise, which will be granted to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and none else.

Mallak - Angel.

Al Masih-ad-Dajjal - Pseudo Messiah or antichrist.

Masjid - (pl Masajid) Mosque.

Masjid Al-Haram - The Grand Masjid in Mecca. The Ka'bah (the Qiblah of the Muslims) is situated within it.

Masjid ar-Rasool - Located in Medina. It is the second greatest Masjid in Islam.

Masjid al-Aqsa - The 'Furthest Mosque' built by the early Muslims in Jerusalem, on or near where the Temple of Sulaiman (pbuh) once stood.

Mathani - Often Repeated verses of the Quran such as Al-Fatiha which is said at every prayer.

Matras - Do not be afraid.

Maula - A manumitted slave, or a patron, protector, supporter, or master or the Rabb.

Maulaya - When a slave addresses his master (My Lord).

Mawali - Non-Arabs and originally former slaves.

Mayathir - Silk cushions.

Mi'raj - Ascent of the Prophet (pbuh) to the heavens.

Mihjan - A walking stick with a bent handle.

Miqat - One of the several places specified by the Prophet (pbuh) for the people to assume Ihram at, on their way into Mecca.

Miswak - A wooden toothbrush.

Mu'awwidhat - Surat Al Falaq (113) and Surat An-Nas (114)

Mu'takif - One who is a state of I'takaf.

Mu'adhdhin - A call-maker who pronounces the Adhan loudly calling all to pray.

Mu'allafat-ul-Qulub - New Muslims who were given Sadsqah by the Prophet (pbuh) to keep them firm in the fold of Islam.

Mubashshirat - Glad tidings.

Mubiqat - Great destructive sins.

Mudabbar - A slave that is promised by his master to be manumitted after his death.

Mufassal or Mufassalat - The Surahs of the Quran that starting from Qaf to the end of the holy Quran.

Muhajir - Anyone of the early Muslims who migrated from any place to Medina in the lifetime of the Prophet (pbuh).

Muhaqala - Selling un harvested grain in the field with an already harvested grain like wheat.

Muharram - The first month of the Islamic calendar.

Muhkam - Quranic verses the contents of which are not abrogated.

Mauhrim - One in the state of Ihram to perform Hajj or Umrah.

Mahrimah - A female in the state of Ihram.

Muhsar - A Muhrim who intends to perform Hajj, but cannot because of some obstacle.

Mujahid - One who takes active part in a Jihad.

Mujazziz - A learned one who reads the foot and hand marks.

Mujtahidun - Independent religious scholars. Who follows only the Quran and the Sunnah.

Mukatab - A slave that makes an agreement with his master to pay a certain ransom for his freedom.

Mukhadram - person who became a Muslim during the life of the Prophet, but never saw the Prophet (pbuh).

Mula anah - The act of performing Li'an.

Mulhadun - Heretics

Musa lla - A praying place.

Mushrikun - Pagans, idolaters, disbelievers in the oneness of Allah.

Mut'ah - A temporary marriage. A custom common in Arabia. It was abrogated by the Prophet (pbuh).

Mutafahhish - A person that conveys evil talk.

Mutashabihat - Quranic verses that are not clear and hard to understand.

Muttafaq Alaih - Agreed upon.

Muttaqun - Pious and righteous persons who fears Allah and abstain from all kinds of sins.

Muzdallifa - A site between 'Arafat and Mina where the pilgrims spend the night of the 9th of Dhul-Hijjah during Hajj.


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